We show you "From the Mayan jungle to the pirate blue".

      We have been exploring Bacalar Lagoon and its surroundings since 2009 to show you its secrets, its landscapes and the best places.

      Enjoy Bacalar in a special way. Our excursions are for true explorers looking for magical and natural places.

      Enjoy, among others:
      • Boat excursions
      • Mixed excursions
      • Lodging in an incredible place

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      Complete Tour
      (Combine Secret Tour + Popular Tour + Kayak)

      Get to know the lagoon in depth with almost 7 hours enjoying it.


      With this package you will become experts in the lagoon since you will know the popular parts of Bacalar, the closest to the town, full of history with the "Bacalar Popular" tour.

      And alsoyo will be able to travel to very distant areas with various natural settings, away from all the hustle and bustle, with the "Secret Treasure" excursion.


      Enjoy two Excursions + kayaking: one of 3 hours, another of 2.5 hours and 1.5 hours of kayaking

      Drinks and snacks are included.


      In addition, departing from Casa Sol y Luna you can Kayak up to an hour and a half, to the nearby islands to see these beautiful landscapes.

      When hiring your Tour here the fee is only $ 1,100 pesos and we include your kayak one hour anda half per couple (which has a normal cost of $ 200 pesos).


      CONTRACT HERE THE COMPLETE TOUR Only $ 1,100 pesos


      (Don't worry about specifying a date now. Book your Tour and then we will schedule the day to do it.)


      Our exclusive and most requested "Secret Treasure" excursion.

      It is a 3-hour boat trip, different from the others, covering more than 20 kilometers.

      Here you explore and swim in the Bacalar Lagoon, observe and enjoy majestic landscapes, far from everything — far away places where few reach.

      Imagine what it is like to swim in the delicious sandy beaches of the lagoon, where you can also snorkel, meet and learn to care for the stromatolites.

      The colors and scenery of the lagoon are many and very diverse, and you can see and swim in many of them.

      Drinks are included.

      By hiring your Secret Tour here the fee is only $ 880 pesos.

      CONTRACT HERE THE SECRET TOUR Only $ 880 pesos


      (Don't worry about specifying a date now. Book your Tour and then we will schedule the day to do it.)