• Cenote Esmeralda

    South coastal street of Bacalar .

    The Emerald Cenote is one of the cenotes that provide water to the Bacalar lagoon, numerous water holes fill this cenote which has a conical shape and a depth of approximately 55 meters in its deepest part.

  • Island of birds

    North of Emerald cenote in the lagoon .

    The Bird Island is an ideal place for ecotourism as well as for photography fans, it is home to a great variety of bird species such as parrots, owls, calandrian hawks, among others to mention. It is the place where many of the birds in the area nest so it is protected and you can not get too close, you can visit the island by kayak and stay away from the ads so as not to damage the stromalotites or the birds.

  • Cenote Cocalitos

    South of coastal sreet of Bacalar .

    The Cocalitos cenote is one of the cenotes that fill the Bacalar lagoon, it is between the Emerald Cenote and the Blue Cenote (external to the lagoon). In Cocalitos you can find many stromalotites which are protected and should not be touched.

    The Cocalitos beach club is a beautiful place to spend the day, since it has solid sand of various depths, ideal for children and to relax in the hammocks and swings they have put into the water.

  • Island of love

    in front of the emerald cenote inside the bacalar lagoon .

    The island of love is the place that birds use for mating for which it gets its name, just as the island of birds is a protected area that you can only approach at a certain distance marked with signs. You must keep silence and respect the signs.

  • Emerald Island

    North of Emerald cenote. .

    The Emerald Island is to the north of the Emerald Cenote, it is a place of shallow water with sandy soil which makes it an ideal place to make a stop in the kayak and enjoy the beautiful colors and views. It is the closest island to Casa Sol y Luna, with only 10 minutes by kayak you can reach it.